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Proprietary Blend Products

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ez-clean Bioenzyme Cleaner

Pet odor eliminator and stain cleaner. Non-toxic liquid blend of microbes safe for immediate contact. Cleans all forms of bio-waste, such as pet urine, feces and vomit stains on almost all surfaces.

1 L  $24.99

Calming Mist

Designed for animals experiencing anxiety and/or stress. Mist near or on animal, avoiding direct face contact, for soothing relief.

4 oz $8.99

Dog Deodorant

Eliminate odors from pets, beds, mats and kennels. Simply mist where odor elimination is needed.

4 oz $8.99

Coat Conditioner & Detangler

Gentle, pH-balanced formula fortified with vegetable protein and panthenol. Spray on coat while brushing at home to ease out tangles and condition hair.

8 oz $9.99

Ear Cleaner

Gentle, antimicrobial formula for cleaning wax and dirt from your dog's ears. Shake well and apply to ear area with a soft cloth.
Not recommended for cats.

4 oz $9.99

Mosquito Repellant

Natural formula made with Witch Hazel and essential oils safe for pets.

4 oz $9.99

Pretty Eyes - Eye Care Cleaner

Gentle lotion quickly cleans up messy, goopy eyes with the simple swipe of product on a cotton pad.

2 oz $8.99