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Groomingtails Pet Spa offers a comprehensive list of services to meet a full range of your dog and cat grooming needs.  We will discuss with you your pet's specific requirements.
Here are just a few of our most popular services

Bath and Tidy

The Bath & Tidy includes two baths, massage, brush, comb, ear cleaning, trimming hair from groin and bum, feet, and tidy around eyes and face and nail trim. 

Full Groom

Whether you select a Kennel Clip, Teddy Bear or Breed Trim, a full groom includes two baths, massage, dry, full hair cut to your specifications, ear cleaning and nail trim.

Additional Services

  • Nail trim and grinding

  • Anal glands

  • Teeth brushing

  • Face trim

  • Sanitary trim

  • Ear cleaning

Cat Specialties

  • Bath & brushing

  • Lion trims and other specialty cat hair cuts

  • Nail trims

  • Soft claw cap applications

How can we make your furry loved one even more lovely today?

Spa Price List

Please note that pricing as listed is subject to the condition of your pet's coat. Severe matting, temperament and age may impact the time it takes to complete a groom; therefore, price may increase accordingly. An assessment will be conducted prior to completion and customer will be notified of any necessary adjustment.

After 6 Nail Trims, the 7th is free with our Frequent Pawdicure Card!

Dog Spa Service Packages 

Bath & Tidy
Small $63 Medium $86 Large $98
Kennel Clip
Small $68 Medium $90 Large $110
Teddy Bear or Breed Trim
Small $80 Medium $102 Large $150

Stand Alone or Add-on Services

Nail Trim
Anal Glands
Teeth Brushing
Face Trim
Sanitary Trim
Ear Cleaning
Start at $15

Cat Spa Service Packages

Bath & Brush
Lion Trim
Nail Trim
Claw Cap Application, owner supplies caps
Claw Cap Application, caps included

Not sure what type of groom you want? Learn a little more about our services.

Types of Grooms for your Dog

Our expert groomers are always available to discuss the best cut for your pet.

Kennel Cut

A Kennel Cut is a clip of the entire body to a short hair-style. The cut includes a trim of the face, tail and ears. This will be done using a shaver and finished with scissors. This is an excellent low maintenance groom that works well for many dog breeds.

Teddy Bear Cut

A Teddy Bear Cut is a full body scissor cut that gives your dog a long and fluffy look.  A rounded face creates that signature teddy bear look. This is an adorable option suited to many breeds of medium to long-haired dogs.

Breed Trim

Every specific breed has their own specialty trim with their own set of rules​. These are usually ​modified show dog ​trims meant for everyday pet owners.

Make your feline look and feel fine.

Cat Services

Although cats are fastidious self-groomers, they need our help on occasion too!

Bath and Brush

This service is suitable for both long and short-haired breeds. It includes a bath, blow dry, brush and comb; thorough cleaning of the ears, face, eyes and rear. Cat grooming tackles many common problems such as dandruff, shedding, hairballs and matting. Keep you cat looking it's best and feeling fresh.

Lion Trim

A lion trim consists of shaving the body and belly of the cat and your preference of tail and neck ruff options, depending on the condition of your cat's coat. Tail may be shaved to leave a pom tip, or left fully intact. The neck ruff may be left full and fluffy to resemble a lion's mane. This is a great option to remove matted fur or relieve an excessive shedder from chronic hairballs.

Soft Claw Cap Applications

Nail caps are a fantastic nonsurgical alternative to declawing. Cats claws are first trimmed and then the claw covers are glued over top of your cat's front claws, creating a cushioning effect that lessens their destructive capabilities. These will not impede the growth of your cats claws, so they will need to be replaced as they grow out.

The Importance of Grooming your Pet

Health and Wellness

Grooming isn’t just about making your pet pretty. Grooming is good for your pet's health, so introduce your puppy to the process of grooming at a young age to help them establish a healthy routine early on.

A dog's coat tracks a lot of dirt and odors. Bathing and brushing is critical to remove dead hair and dander, while stimulating new hair growth and better skin circulation. Trapped allergens, such as pollen from outside play, can be brought into your home. Grooming lessens the effects of these allergens by removing the dead hair, dirt and dander from the coat. You ought to see less shedding as a result.

Full-service grooming includes trimming nails and cleaning ears, both of which prevent infection. Just the simple action of not trimming long nails on a dog can affect a dog’s gait and create long-term issues.

Professional groomers are trained to notice any abnormalities and changes in coat and skin condition. Often it's the groomer that first alerts pet owners to new bumps, scabs, skin diseases, or infections because we get so up close and personal with your furry friends. 

Preventing matting is good hygiene practice for both dog and cat owners. Regular brushing between grooming appointments is recommended to keep your pet looking and feeling their best. The closer a mat gets to the surface of the skin, the more painful it is due to tension pulling on the skin and leads to itchiness. If your pet scratches the mats and underlying skin excessively, they could create wounds in these areas. Groomers are capable of removing mats gently with the appropriate tools to avoid further irritation and pain.

At Groomingtails Pet spa, we recommend establishing a 6-week grooming schedule for optimal care. Join our Health Incentive Program (HIP) to receive a 10% discount on grooms just for signing up for a standing  6-week grooming schedule for you furry loved one.

The Groomingtails Family

Meet the Team

Connie Jankovich,

Owner & Groomer

Connie is passionate about animals and has had quite the menagerie of species over the years. Not only has Connie been the owner of Groomingtails Pet Spa for over ten years, she also has a long history as a breeder and show handler of Golden Retrievers, giving her a wide array of experience within the grooming world. She attends dog and cat grooming seminars throughout the year to keep up with the latest grooming trends when she is not at home doting on her current pride and joy, Billie Holiday, her Pomeranian princess!

Jacqui Akerley,

Business Manager

The friendly voice that answers your calls and greets you at the door a few days a week is our self proclaimed "Crazy Cat Lady". Jacqui works part-time at Groomingtails keeping the shop running smoothly when she isn't out on site working as a freelance photographer. Her true love is her three feline companions, Toulouse, Matisse, and her most recent adoption, Pepper.

Sonia Lee,


Sonia has been with Groomingtails Pet Spa since early 2018, when she was sponsored by Connie and moved to Canada from South Korea as a young dog groomer. She has a passion for grooming and loves the chance to showcase her creative skills and gentle touch. Under Connie's mentorship, her skills as a groomer have grown and she has a large dedicated clientele. While Sonia loves dogs, it's her hamster, Zzizzi Ham Lee, that gets all of her attention at home!

Groomingtails Pet Spa

We are proud to invite you to our newly renovated spa. 
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We love to hear from our customers!

What some of our friendly clients have to say about Groomingtails Pet Spa ...

Louise and Wallace
The staff are warm and welcoming and the groomers do a wonderful job with my furry boy, Wallace. Even more importantly, he LOVES going in which tells me all I need to know!
Sarah and Nylah
They were able to get me in as soon as possible and everyone was great and nice. It was Nylah's first grooming and they took amazing care of her for her birthday :)
Catherine, Max and Sam
Totally recommend! They take great care of my two little fluff balls. Max and Sam give them two paws up!